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The Twinkie Squad

Meet Douglas Fairchild, son of diplomats, visionary, dreamer — and member of the Twinkie Squad. Meet Commando, smooth mover, basketball star, and way cool guy — until he met Douglas.
Thanks to Douglas, Commando has just joined the Thaddeus G. Little Middle School Special Discussion Group, or, as the students call it, the Twinkie Squad. Only special students get to be in the Twinkie Squad.
Commando never planned on being that special.
But Douglas doesn’t understand why Commando is worried. The Twinkie Squad, Douglas feels, has real potential. And he has Big Plans for it.
Before Douglas is through, the school will smell like rotting fish, the principal will be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and reality itself will be up for a special discussion. Best of all, with Douglas’s help, the Twinkie Squad will have achieved its potential — in ways nobody, not even Douglas Fairchild, could ever have anticipated.
In the world of Gordon Korman, dreamers, geniuses and misfits do triumph, and in this book they triumph hilariously, wonderfully and in the best Gordon Korman style. Readers will cheer for the Twinkie Squad!