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This zany romp through a city summer is proof again of Gordon Korman's prolific and ever increasing talent. Losing Joe's Place is fast paced

with great characters and full of unbelievable events that we would all like to believe possible!

Jason and his two friends, Don and Ferguson, are allowed to spend their holidays in Toronto. Jason's big brother, Joe, has an apartment he is to let the boys use for the summer with only one condition - they must not under any circumstance put Joe in jeopardy of losing his lease. As soon as possible the three sixteen-year-olds leave their home town of Owen Sound for the delights of city life - good jobs, money and girls.

Of course, the summer does not go as planned. The boys did not know they had to cope with Joe's "slimy landlord" and "his Cro-Magnon friend" or getting fired. Everything that happens conspires to lead to the forbidden. They cause Joe to lose his lease.

One crisis after another with bewildering, inventive and humorous results will surely satisfy the reader.


Gerri Young, Fort Nelson, BC.