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Two teenagers who are not fond of each other, two families

who are good friends, and two anthropologists who are searching for a lost Indian

tribe are the main ingredients of this hilarious, fast-moving tale of wilderness

camping in Northern Ontario. David Potter, alias "Bugs," reluctantly

accompanies his family to the wilds, leaving his drums,

rock concerts, and all other trappings (except one hundred chocolate bars and a tape

recorder) of the civilized world behind. A day of roughing it convinces Bugs to find a place of his own, a cave, and start a rock band using "found"

pots, jeans, a leather vest, and much ingenuity.

The anthropologists, hearing the erratic drumming, are convinced the lost tribe is found, and the plot accelerates when news of this "discovery"

leaks out and anthropologists from around the world converge on Lake Naka mee chee. No problem is insurmountable for irresistible Bugs as he

turns the serious anthropologists into his rock concert audience, an Indian of the lost tribe and a lonely Ranger into friends, and a teenage

counterpart into the lead singer in the band. Korman, author of this easy-reading, zany adventure, develops each character with the same expert

clarity he used in Who Is Bugs Potter?, the first book in what one hopes will be a long series.

Janet E. Goldack, Grant Park H.S., Winnipeg, MB.