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Who Is Bugs Potter?

The author of my book, "Who is Bugs Potter", is by Gordan Korman. Gordan Korman wrote his first book when he was in grade 7. "Who is Bugs Potter" is about two boys, Adam Webb and Bugs Potter. They are roomates at a Toronto hotel called Hotel Empress. Adam has blond hair and Bugs has black hair, Adam is a flautist and Bugs is a drummer. Bugs doesn't care if he gets in trouble and Adam does. The setting in the book, "Who is Bugs Potter" takes place at a hotel called Hotel Empress. The hotel is in Toronto, Canada. The problem in the book is that Bugs is breaking the rules that Mr.Darby made. They both are getting in when only Bugs is supposed to be getting in trouble. Adam and Bugs are roomates at Hotel Empress. Every night they are sneaking out to night clubs to see different bands. Bugs is making Adam come with him when Adam doesn't want to go. At intermission Bugs sneaks backstage and after intermission Bugs ends up playing with the different bands. Soon Bugs becomes famous throughout Toronto while a movie star named BiBi Lanay is becoming jealous. BiBi doesn't know that two burglars are trying to steal the famous Falusi Emerald that BiBi owns. BiBi thinks that the emerald is curse because she keeps on hurting herself when she is wearing the Falusi Emerald. Later on when BiBi hurts herself again, she takes the emerald and throws it out the door into the hall. When the two burglars were coming down the hall they caught the emerald and ran to the lobby. When they were in the lobby of Hotel Empress they hid the emerald in Adam's flute case. When Adam was at the High School Band Festival at Ontario Place setting up, he opened his case and saw the emerald. He panicked and he couldn't play his flute for the warm-up. Adam finally got settled down and played. At the end of the show the lights went out and flash bombs went off. Bugs started banging on his drums on his drums while one

of the burglars tried to steal the emerald out of Adam's case but Adam tripped him and the emerald went flying onto BiBi's lap. Then all of Bugs' favourite bands came on the stage and played with Bugs. BiBi came on the stage and everyone took pictures of BiBi and Bugs. That was just what Bugs wanted. I rate this book five stars because it was interesting because I like drumming and the book was about a drummer. The strengths for the book was that Gordan Korman wrote the book to be funny. The weaknesses for the book is that I couldn't figure out what some of the words meant.